Working as a nanny for 10 years for various families in London, Surrey and Kent made me realise how important and necessary it is for the children to have balanced nutrition, exercise and mindfulness for optimal health and behaviour. I found that children have less time to connect with themselves nowadays due to the overwhelming information they receive through technological devices. I also believe that most children (and adults) have poor nutrition which affects their overall health and behaviour.

While I was transitioning from my nanny career to holistic fitness and life coaching I successfully used my knowledge of nutrition and mindfulness with the children I looked after.

I was also running my own classes where we exercised (yoga, thai chi and Pilates-based exercise form) together with the children and concluded the session with guided relaxation.
The exercise was tailored to a fun, imaginative workout to keep the children interested and engaged throughout the session.

I currently teach children in Cumbrian schools about healthy nutrition,
help them find relaxation and maintain calm through different techniques in their busy lives,
strengthen their attention span with meditation and other mindfulness techniques,
help them be aware and identify their own emotions and thoughts,
teach them ways to manage their emotions and thoughts through mindfulness and various breathing techniques.


We strengthen the childrens' intuition.

We strengthen and enhance the childrens' intuition.

“The best way to preserve a child’s vision is to let them see things their way rather than yours.”
Intuition is the knowing/sensing of something beyond time, space, reason, the use of prior knowledge and the five senses - the ''gut feeling''.
As children you freely connect to your intuition so naturally that you don’t even know it is intuition. It is an everyday awareness permeating your existence that you are intimately connected with and a part of.
Life feels magical and your environment is filled with endless possibilities.
It doesn’t take long before you lose this sense of presence and wonder. Soon you are more engaged in limited thinking and the responsibilities of life than your joyful, endless playground.
You can support children to stay connected to their intuition and all its possibilities.

We engage in various movement activities such as yoga and animal movement - based exercises to further strengthen their focus, to learn to move in different ways and to encourage them to manage their emotions.

I feel it's my utmost duty to share my knowledge with the children and help them create a more balanced & peaceful generation.